Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Cutty's Farm Update! It's Just Me Again!!

Hi Farm Family,

    So it's been quite a week. My new pal the Turkey went rouge, no goodbye, just poof gone. So I spent a few days trying to talk Mom in to letting me off the farm to look for him, but she said NO, too much work to done, to get the farm ready for you. I'm still keeping watch just in case! I have to park all the cars myself now, good help is hard to find! (at least my competition for promotion to Farm Manager is gone). I do miss my Buddy though :(
    In other news, we have been unloading trucks for weeks. The looks great, there are so many hiding spots for me to catch a little snooze. But don't worry when you get here, I will be ready. The tables are loaded with all of your favorites: Annuals, Perennials, Veggies, Herbs and Succulents. The farm is fully stocked with Shrubs, Bushes, Fruit Trees, Evergreens & so much more that I can't list it all. Mom & Dad are so busy working it's hard for me to get a word in, Spring is exciting here, the colors are so bright and the greenery is full of life. I'm a lucky dog! 
    Mom is looking forward to talking to all of you when you visit, and I can't wait to see you! All the pets and kind words make my hard work worth it. Don't forget when you visit to stop in the top store to see Mom! You can usually see Dad running one the machines and moving trees to get ready to go out on Landscaping jobs. 
    I have to go for now, but I will write again soon. I love you all and thank you for reading my Blog. Remember to keep caring, because Cutty Cares!!

Signing off for now..


Cutty The Dog


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Cutty's Farm Update! Who is this Jive Turkey?

Kospia Farms Turkey

Hello Farm Family,

It's been a busy few weeks here at the farm. I got to see so many of my old friends, and meet a lot new ones. You are my favorite part of coming to work everyday! (ok, so maybe I also like to sneak a nap under one of the tables filled with spring plants, but don't tell anyone) Did you see I have a new friend on the farm, he is one Jive Turkey? I don't know what to call him. Can you help? Mom asked for help on FB.. https://www.facebook.com/kospiafarms This guy is just walking around with no name, can you imagine? So lets see what else has been happening? Trucks, trucks and more trucks.. We have been unloading for weeks, but we are stocked with all your favorite stuff. Perennials, Annuals, Trees, Shrubs, Herbs, Hanging Baskets and Succulents, they are everywhere. The girls are working hard to help everyone who stops in, but I still work the hardest! (please don't say anything, I love them anyway) While you are here don't forget to visit Mom at the top store she knows all about outdoor living products, outdoor furniture & Breeo smokeless firepits (I don't have to move when the wind blows, my eyes don't burn). Sometimes she even goes to peoples houses and helps them pick our their furniture, if they ask, I can go along. I have to go for now, but I will write again soon. I hope you stop in to see me, bring a friend there is plenty of space here for everyone! Until next time, Keep caring, because Cutty Cares. 

Your Friend, 

Cutty the Talking Dog

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Happy Easter from Kospia Farms

 "It's Me Cutty" 
Hello Farm Friends, 
Happy Easter! Things at Kospia Farms have been very busy. Thankfully many of you have come to visit me. I was so excited to greet everyone. Our opening weekend we a huge hit, Mom gave away a lot of Cutty mugs, imagine my face on a mug while you have your morning coffee.. (does it get any better?) I was exhausted by the end of the weekend, but Mom said no rest.. Back to work on Monday! She really works me hard. 

Today is Saturday and I know we still have Easter Flowers because they smell great! Mom says the colors are beautiful! If you need any last minute gifts the stores are packed with great artisan pieces that you can't anywhere else. Please come visit me, I am always excited to see my friends. I will try to keep writing to you but, things get really busy on the farm as the weather gets warmer.. Don't forget to visit Mom at the top store, she has Breeo smokeless fire pits (I hate smoke in my eyes while Dad cooks my steak) & very comfy outdoor furniture (even though I'm not allowed to lay on it).  Be kind, Support Local, Keep caring because Cutty Cares.


Cutty the talking dog

Monday, March 8, 2021

So Much Exciting Kospia Farms News to Share!


Hi Farm Friends,

Boy oh Boy, the days just blend together at Kospia Farms right now. We are working so hard to get things ready for you on the 27th, that it’s hard for me to catch even the smallest of naps. Dad has completely removed the top greenhouse, something about more parking.. I’m thinking it’s a great place to hide my treats in the ground for later snack times. Mom has been putting furniture together and making the showroom pretty for your first visit. I have also been listening in on a lot of conversations about Breeo Smokeless Firepits, this is exciting! Mom can cook fresh meats and veggies on there for me, without all the smoke burning my eyes. I love to eat, and I bet you do too! Here is a link to the Breeo page on Mom’s website, there is a lot of good info there. https://www.kospiafarms.com/fire-pits---breeo-smokeless-fire-pits.html  A dog’s life is hard, especially one with as many jobs as me. We have decided where all the easter plants will go, and have been getting everything in place so you can easily find what you are looking for. I plan on hanging out in the parking lot, barking a little when you get here and then trying to finally catch a nap under one of the tables while the rest of the team finally does some work.. Please don’t tell the rest of the team at Kospia Farms I said that, people get sensitive. I can’t wait to see you on March 27th, Spring opening day @ the Farm. In the meantime. Be kind, Support Local, Keeping Caring because Cutty Cares.



Cutty the Talking Dog

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Getting Ready for Spring @ Kospia Farms

 Hi Farm Friends,

It’s been a long time since I’ve had time to write to you. Life on the farm is exhausting. I know Mom puts a lot of pics of me napping on social media, but that is only because right before she snapped that picture, I was working really hard to get ready for your visit. This snow has been a real bugger, BUT don’t worry we are getting ready for YOU to come and see all the beautiful Easter flowers. I am saving up my energy to greet each and every one of you as you enter the farm. It’s a tough job, but I’m the guy for the job. I can’t wait to see you! Mom says she is excited too, but she doesn’t run to your car so… We all know who the real greeter is. Don't forget the official opening day at the farm is March 27th, I've missed all of you so much!!

Until next time, be safe, be kind and keep caring because Cutty Cares about all of you! <3 


Cutty the Talking Dog

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cutty talkin trees...

Cutty talks Easter...

Darla chimes in...

Cutty not happy with water...

Cutty found his voice!

Friday, October 2, 2015

A day in the life of me!

Hello every,

Cutty here! Today I'm going to take you through a day in the life of me, I hope you're ready because my schedule is usually pretty packed.

Every morning I wake up and wait for mom and dad to get ready, then they get me ready by putting on my shiny orange vest. For breakfast I always get to share half of moms breakfast sandwich which is always a good start to the day.

When it's nice enough to do it I love to stick my head out the window as we drive to the farm, it is a good motivator in the morning, better than coffee. Yuck. When we get to the farm the real work begins, I have to make sure everything is running smoothly so I usually take a walk around the farm to check everything out. Once everything is ready to go we open the gates for customers. I used to be really shy around them, but I've opened up a lot since I first started and now I greet the customers with a little bark just to say hello. This also let's mom and dad know that people are here in case they are back with my Watusi friends. I forgot once and mom was not happy! She said it was an accident and gave me an ear rub anyways! I'm one lucky dog.

Sometimes I catch a quick nap, but don't tell mom. She thinks I'm always working hard. When I'm at home or have the day off I go running in the mountains with my sister or bury bones in the yard. When I'm at work and  not too busy sometimes I chase the geese and hop after the frogs. I think they like these games but they always run away so I can't be sure. I also play with my best friends Ricky, Ruby, and Lucy.

Me after some frog hopping!

Some days we get to go on field trips! My favorite place to go is the Tractor Supply! I'm allowed to go in and all of the workers there give me lots of treats and hugs. I'm very popular. When mom's been working really hard sometimes we go to the chiropractor if she needs and adjustment. I get to lay under the table and mom gets to feel better. It's a win-win.

During the end of the summer and beginning of fall dad, mom, and I start getting everything ready for winter. This means we start cleaning everything up at the farm and the house so dad has plenty of space for the plow when the snow comes. I also get to help them chop wood, this is really important to us because it heats the house in the winter and  I need there to be a fire when its cool because it's one of my favorite places to take naps (its very cozy).

At the end of the day I get to go home eat some dinner and play with my sister before I curl up and go to sleep. When I wake up I get to do it all over again.

I hope you guys enjoyed a day in the life of me, as you can see it's pretty packed with stuff but I always have time for my friends so stop by the farm and visit sometime!

Gotta go, it's time for dinner!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Festival


I’m still pretty busy at the farm making sure all the plants and trees get watered for all the people who come and visit us, I want everything to look beautiful. Lots of people still need plants, flowers, and trees for their patios. It’s hard work being the garden manager! It won't be warm forever so we need to enjoy it for as long as it's here. I was hinting to mom that I would really like to have all of my friends come visit me at one time. She said she came up with the perfect plan, a fall festival.

I’m not really sure what a festival is but I do know that there will be lots of cool stuff! Mom told me that there will be music and food and lots of people coming to see me, Ruby the Horse and Lucy the new baby Watusi. She even said she’s going to sing with the band. My mom is such a rockstar! Dad is going to be doing a demonstration on Bonsai trees and there will be a pie eating contest. I hope they save some for me, all this hard work makes a dog hungry. I just hope that all of my friends will come! Mom said she will post a picture of the details since I didn't get to take one myself. Thanks mom!

I'm really excited for crafts with the kids and catch-and-release fishing. I'm not sure how I will hold the pole though, I'm sure dad will figure something out. On top of all the fun we will have, theres still lot of work to be done, so I’ll be managing everyone as I walk around to greet everyone. Someone’s gotta keep these people motivated. 

Next week I'll be writing a post about a day in the life of me! It's hard working being me, but I'll share my secrets with you because were friends!

Your friend, 

Friday, September 18, 2015

I'm back!

Hey guys, Cutty here and I’m back (this time for good)!

A lot of new things are happening on the farm since I posted last. The biggest news is that we had another baby. There is a new Watusi baby on our farm, her name is Lucy and she is a lot of fun to play with. I'm happy to have another friend on the farm, but Ricky is still my best friend don’t tell Ruby.
Me and Lucy being silly!
The potting shed that dad fixed up looks great, mom’s got it set up real nice with outdoor furniture and fire pits. I still like to make suggestions to the customers I have a real sense for style. Everyone tells me so and they love my stylish orange vest. I still don’t get commission but I get plenty of hugs, kisses, and bones (my favorite). 

Mom’s got lots of other cool stuff too like candles and soaps, I don’t see the big deal about soap when you can just take a mud bath but mom disagrees. We’ve got the whole place ready for fall with plenty of glass pumpkins and a couple that are painted gourds some with funny faces carved out and we have other gourds that look like apples that are bigger than my head! I keep telling mom we need to have some more at home but she says we have to keep some here for everyone to come look at.

It’s still pretty hot here so when I’m not managing things on the farm, I try to find a shady place to take a little break but then it’s back to work for me. So much to be done when your in charge of the place. Well I’ve gotta get back to work now, mom’s calling.

Talk to you guys soon,

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring is finally here in the Northeast!

Howdy ho!

Even though we had a LOOOOOOOOONG winter, we are on top of things here at Kospia Farms.  There have been some really nice warm days so the trees are budding and even the cherry trees are in bloom.  There was a lot of mud to deal with after the winter thaw, but the water has finally stopped flowing and things are drying up.  The Watusi cattle and horse are happy with that cause it was really a mess for them getting around.  Mom says Ruby the horse liked it though cause she had mud all over her....even on her face!  I think she was rolling in it to try to put on some type of tribal paint...who knows with her.

Oh!  Check out the newest members of the family here!!

Dad picked them up as babies and I've been watching them very carefully while they were growing.  But now they are big enough to be out on the pond.  Dad even made them a floating house.  (he never made me a floating house)

It has been a lot of work...
Duck House
I've been so crazy busy with all of this that I haven't had a lot of time to write.  This frustrates me...I feel I owe it to my people.  Have patience my friends.  I will try to do better.

And...the peeper frogs have been out at night.  Those crazy little guys make a lot of noise if you ask me.  Not that I love the water - but I do enjoy jumping in after them, especially if they are in the shallow end.

Last week I got in a little trouble.  I took my sister Darla out for a long run when I wasn't supposed to.  I made mom late for work and she had that look on her face when we strolled back home.  Not a good way to start the day.  However...not that I planned it this way but I cut my foot on a sharp rock when I was running around.  It really hurt but I didn't let Darla see.  I cried later to myself.  But - it did get me sympathy when I got home and mom forgot all about that being mad at me thing.  She cleaned it up and I got lot's of hugs and kisses.  I didn't much like the sock thing though...kinda slowed me down a bit.

...it did really hurt

We opened the farm and store up to the public last week and it was great to see some of my old friends come back.  It feels good getting back to greeting customers and parking cars.  Weather is still a little unpredictable - they are calling for a tornado tonight.  That is crazy!!!  So we've been tightening things up here just in case.  I'll get some pictures of the farm and store together after these next few yucky days pass.  We got a lot of new products in and I think you'll love what mom and dad did with the building.  Pretty cool.

Ok...one more round at the farm to check for unwelcome critters and such.  Just keeping it safe.

Ciao for now!  (mom taught me that ciao thing)

Cutty (aka 'best dog in the world')

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Who else has cabin fever?

Hello friends....Cutty here!

Well, we are now into March and this winter weather in Northeast Pennsylvania has not been our friend.  Just seems like it's one snow or ice storm after another.  We've got another good one coming tonight.  I feel so bad for my dad cause it seems all he gets to do is clear snow at our house and at Kospia Farms.  Doesn't have much time to play with me, but I do help him as much as I can.  Sometimes I just follow him around - but mostly I keep all the other animals company.  I jump in the tractor sometimes and shove my cold nose in his ear...he seems to like this.  I heard him telling mom that I am good company.

I've posted some photos we took of all my friends at Kospia Farms.  Ricky is the baby Watusi cause he was just born in July.  Mom says there is another baby coming soon too.  I think she's right since Chung has been really bullying everyone around.

Watusi Cattle

Watusi Cattle
Cutty and the Watusi Cattle
Watusi Cattle

Watusi Cattle

Watusi Cattle
Watusi Cattle,Horse
Ruby and Ricky

Ruby and Ricky are my best friends at the farm.  I have brothers and sisters at home but they get on my nerves sometimes.  It always better at the farm.  Mom and Dad have been working hard doing what they can to prepare for opening in Spring.  Dad's making the furniture showroom bigger.  Mom keeps reminding him that new inventory is coming so he better talk to the weather gods and bring on the warm weather!!!  That's usually when he goes back outside mumbling something.  I can never really hear what he is saying.

Mom's been working on the computer a lot and making these huge posters and brochures.  If I'm home I sit under her desk and she usually feeds me cheez-it's.  Sometimes she says stuff that Dad says I shouldn't repeat.  I think she just gets tired of the internet crashing.  I do get big hugs and kisses whenever she gets up from her chair.  Oh....AND...she throws my amazingly beautiful red rubber ball that Megan got me.  Mom says Megan must really love me a lot.  She does....I can tell too.  

Hmmm, Mom's calling.  I gotta get my vest on.  More work to be done!  Be warm and safe everyone!

Signing off....Cutty (aka best dog in the world)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My first blog post from Kospia Farms!

My first blog...
Coming to you from my quiet spot right next to the wood stove.  It's January now, actually the 18th to be exact. My bosses (actually they are also my parents) are caught up watching the playoff games for this years Super Bowl. Things are quite cold today as they often are this time of year in Pennsylvania. Although today was pretty scary. I've been listening to the news reports playing all day about this crazy ice storm. I know there were a lot of accidents, which is why we stayed put at home for the day. Typically I am dressed in my orange vest every morning after mom and dad get ready.  Work, work, work.  But I do love my job.

I work at Kospia Farms in Alburtis, PA. Very important job too, I might add. Honestly, I don't know how they would get on without me. Our farm is a working tree farm and nursery. I'm only two years old this February, but I hear stories about the olden days in the 70's when dad's dad Big John, ran the joint. It used to be called Garden Bargains, then eventually Kospia's Nursery - now it's Kospia Farms. Yeah, lots of stories about how dad grew up in all this and learned everything he knows. Big John sounds like he was a real character...still have customers stopping by and reminiscing. I wish I could have met him - and dad's brother Rick too!  Luckily I did get these last few years getting to know my grandmother Marian. What a beautiful lady. And such class. Sad they are gone now, but I keep an eye out for them.

Dad has made a lot of changes to the farm this past year and he's already working on more cool things for this coming Spring. FYI I have some amazing friends here!  Dad built a pasture and we have a small herd of Watusi cattle. Crazy I know. But he likes things out of the ordinary. These guys are still young too, but eventually their horns could be like eight feet. They come from a breed of cattle in Africa, the largest horned cattle in the world. I don't know where Africa is, but mom says she'll  show me on a map sometime. They had a baby this past July. His name is Ricky, my best friend. I was actually there when he was born and his mom Chung even let me help clean him off. Of course our horse Ruby was all like "leave the baby alone" and all that. She can be a little full of herself. She thinks she's his nanny or something. Her and I still kick back once and awhile when I can get away from the work but most of the time she's hanging with Ricky. I'm hearing rumors that there might be another baby coming this Spring. That would be really awesome.

Oh yeah, then there is all the changes!  Dad fixed up our old potting shed so that we can specialize in outdoor furniture. Mom runs this though. Dad's the outside guy. I love hanging with mom to watch her work with customers. Sometimes she lets me help and I casually tap the back of the customers legs real gentle like. When they look at me I just point my nose to some great dining tables or outdoor sectionals and they end up going right to it.  Mom says no commissions for me cause I'm part of the family. Whatever. I don't even know what that is and I'd rather just have a bone anyway.

Sheila and Megan work with me too. Sheila has been at the farm for like EVER!  Which is why I think she was a little put out when I got promoted to garden manager. She says no, but I can tell. She loves me though and I make sure I don't interrupt her when she's talking with customers about all our nursery products. She really does know her stuff. We get people calling and stopping in just to talk to her. Mom says she's irreplaceable. And she freakin cracks me up, all of us actually. She is darn strong too.  She picks up trees and plants single handed. Sometimes I wish I had thumbs so I could help her. But then I guess that's where Megan comes in. Megan just started this past year but she is sooooooo smart!  She knows tons of stuff about all kinds of things. She helps Sheila, Mom and Dad all the time. And....she gets me special treats. She really loves me even though she secretly draws mustaches on my promotion photo at the sales counter.

We are quite a team around here!  We're pretty much at the farm every day unless the weather is bad like today. Hopefully the changes we make at the farm this winter will help us stay open all year long. I miss greeting the customers at this time of year. It's kinda quiet around here without them. I'm looking forward to Spring so I can see them again, especially all the kids.  But mom says we need the time right now to create some new things to showcase when we reopen. I'm sure it will be great. They are all hard at work and I can tell you it is really cold!  I'm hoping maybe I can get a new vest before we open again. Mines kinda faded and torn from running in the woods and rolling in the cattle poop. BTW....humans don't seem to enjoy that as much as I do. Strange creatures.

Well, I'm smelling some really yummy things coming from the kitchen. Moms been banging around up there so I want to beat my sisters to it. I'm gonna go, but I'll write again soon. I'm gonna attach some photos too, as soon as we get back to the farm and I can get to my photo library. For now, hope you're all home safe and warm. Feel free to write me too!  I'd love to make some new pen pals. The chickens that live next door don't write much anymore.

Your new friend,
(Mom says the best dog in the world)