Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring is finally here in the Northeast!

Howdy ho!

Even though we had a LOOOOOOOOONG winter, we are on top of things here at Kospia Farms.  There have been some really nice warm days so the trees are budding and even the cherry trees are in bloom.  There was a lot of mud to deal with after the winter thaw, but the water has finally stopped flowing and things are drying up.  The Watusi cattle and horse are happy with that cause it was really a mess for them getting around.  Mom says Ruby the horse liked it though cause she had mud all over her....even on her face!  I think she was rolling in it to try to put on some type of tribal paint...who knows with her.

Oh!  Check out the newest members of the family here!!

Dad picked them up as babies and I've been watching them very carefully while they were growing.  But now they are big enough to be out on the pond.  Dad even made them a floating house.  (he never made me a floating house)

It has been a lot of work...
Duck House
I've been so crazy busy with all of this that I haven't had a lot of time to write.  This frustrates me...I feel I owe it to my people.  Have patience my friends.  I will try to do better.

And...the peeper frogs have been out at night.  Those crazy little guys make a lot of noise if you ask me.  Not that I love the water - but I do enjoy jumping in after them, especially if they are in the shallow end.

Last week I got in a little trouble.  I took my sister Darla out for a long run when I wasn't supposed to.  I made mom late for work and she had that look on her face when we strolled back home.  Not a good way to start the day.  However...not that I planned it this way but I cut my foot on a sharp rock when I was running around.  It really hurt but I didn't let Darla see.  I cried later to myself.  But - it did get me sympathy when I got home and mom forgot all about that being mad at me thing.  She cleaned it up and I got lot's of hugs and kisses.  I didn't much like the sock thing though...kinda slowed me down a bit. did really hurt

We opened the farm and store up to the public last week and it was great to see some of my old friends come back.  It feels good getting back to greeting customers and parking cars.  Weather is still a little unpredictable - they are calling for a tornado tonight.  That is crazy!!!  So we've been tightening things up here just in case.  I'll get some pictures of the farm and store together after these next few yucky days pass.  We got a lot of new products in and I think you'll love what mom and dad did with the building.  Pretty cool. more round at the farm to check for unwelcome critters and such.  Just keeping it safe.

Ciao for now!  (mom taught me that ciao thing)

Cutty (aka 'best dog in the world')

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