Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Who else has cabin fever?

Hello friends....Cutty here!

Well, we are now into March and this winter weather in Northeast Pennsylvania has not been our friend.  Just seems like it's one snow or ice storm after another.  We've got another good one coming tonight.  I feel so bad for my dad cause it seems all he gets to do is clear snow at our house and at Kospia Farms.  Doesn't have much time to play with me, but I do help him as much as I can.  Sometimes I just follow him around - but mostly I keep all the other animals company.  I jump in the tractor sometimes and shove my cold nose in his ear...he seems to like this.  I heard him telling mom that I am good company.

I've posted some photos we took of all my friends at Kospia Farms.  Ricky is the baby Watusi cause he was just born in July.  Mom says there is another baby coming soon too.  I think she's right since Chung has been really bullying everyone around.

Watusi Cattle

Watusi Cattle
Cutty and the Watusi Cattle
Watusi Cattle

Watusi Cattle

Watusi Cattle
Watusi Cattle,Horse
Ruby and Ricky

Ruby and Ricky are my best friends at the farm.  I have brothers and sisters at home but they get on my nerves sometimes.  It always better at the farm.  Mom and Dad have been working hard doing what they can to prepare for opening in Spring.  Dad's making the furniture showroom bigger.  Mom keeps reminding him that new inventory is coming so he better talk to the weather gods and bring on the warm weather!!!  That's usually when he goes back outside mumbling something.  I can never really hear what he is saying.

Mom's been working on the computer a lot and making these huge posters and brochures.  If I'm home I sit under her desk and she usually feeds me cheez-it's.  Sometimes she says stuff that Dad says I shouldn't repeat.  I think she just gets tired of the internet crashing.  I do get big hugs and kisses whenever she gets up from her chair.  Oh....AND...she throws my amazingly beautiful red rubber ball that Megan got me.  Mom says Megan must really love me a lot.  She does....I can tell too.  

Hmmm, Mom's calling.  I gotta get my vest on.  More work to be done!  Be warm and safe everyone!

Signing off....Cutty (aka best dog in the world)

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