Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Festival


I’m still pretty busy at the farm making sure all the plants and trees get watered for all the people who come and visit us, I want everything to look beautiful. Lots of people still need plants, flowers, and trees for their patios. It’s hard work being the garden manager! It won't be warm forever so we need to enjoy it for as long as it's here. I was hinting to mom that I would really like to have all of my friends come visit me at one time. She said she came up with the perfect plan, a fall festival.

I’m not really sure what a festival is but I do know that there will be lots of cool stuff! Mom told me that there will be music and food and lots of people coming to see me, Ruby the Horse and Lucy the new baby Watusi. She even said she’s going to sing with the band. My mom is such a rockstar! Dad is going to be doing a demonstration on Bonsai trees and there will be a pie eating contest. I hope they save some for me, all this hard work makes a dog hungry. I just hope that all of my friends will come! Mom said she will post a picture of the details since I didn't get to take one myself. Thanks mom!

I'm really excited for crafts with the kids and catch-and-release fishing. I'm not sure how I will hold the pole though, I'm sure dad will figure something out. On top of all the fun we will have, theres still lot of work to be done, so I’ll be managing everyone as I walk around to greet everyone. Someone’s gotta keep these people motivated. 

Next week I'll be writing a post about a day in the life of me! It's hard working being me, but I'll share my secrets with you because were friends!

Your friend, 

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